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TDIT® Product

Digital Transmission for Tourist Information

The system TDIT (Digital Transmission Tourist Information) is a transfer system for travel information on monuments, museums and places of interest through terminals connected to the Internet WiFi or Bluetooth (laptops, PDAs, mobile phones) and users identification of users through (RFID).

This is a tool to facilitate and increase tourism in urban areas while contributing to the dissemination of the history of the center, providing information in the form of audio files, images and web pages on:

  • The monument or site of interest you are visiting (monuments)
  • The user's location (maps)
  • The work of art you're seeing (museums).

In this system, the user's location is a key factor, Depending on their location will be sent different contents. This location will be made by tag's or radio frequency identification tags.

These tags contain coded information about your data (phone / terminal to which to send the information) and their language (allowing customization of content).

Once a user is identified within the area of a monument, museum (art) or location (maps), the system sends information from one of the three types described above to they via Bluetooth or WIFI.

Product Summary

Digital Transmission for Tourist Information


Depends of project


  • Provide tourist information on monuments and landmark buildings urban
  • Provide information on art works in museums
  • Provide the physical location of the tourists in the city.