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¿Dónde estás?. Where are you? Whereru®

Using the latest advances in mobile technology, allowing the location of mobile phones and using Web 2.0 environments to share the information

Free Version(WhereAmI®)

Free discharge for Android mobile phone, to leave in your Facebook wall, the location and map and customer added information about where you are.
Detail information at Where AmI® web site

Free Version(Share Wami®)

Free discharge for Android mobile phone, to leave your location and map simultaneously in several platforms (acebook, Tweeter, mail, MSM, ...).
Detail information at Share Wami® web site

Basic Version (WhereRU® Basic)

Free discharge of the application , for personal use only, in Android market . This permits web access to our web WhereRU to see the mobile pone movements in Google maps support. (Number of events limited)

Gold Version (WhereRU® Gold)

For professional or Company use. Adds to the basic version, no limit of events and remote program management of the mobile application

Product Summary

Product suite of localization products using GPS for mobile phone location


WhereAmi Free use
Share Wami Free use
WhereRU Basic Descharge 1$,
ilimited use
WhereRU Gold Descharge 1$,
Web use. Mensual fee: 1$

WhereAMI® Functionalities:

  • Share your mobile location with your friends

Share Wami® Functionalities:

  • Share your mobile location simultaneously in several platforms

WhereRU® Functionalities

  • Follow up for ancillary people or people with cognitive problems.
  • Follow up of minors or people that you need to know their localization
  • Alerts system, to prevent the output of the mobile from their natural area
  • Lost Object recovery
  • Patient localization in an area.
  • Sales force monitoring
  • Transport monitoring
And all of this maintaining your Mobile telephone features